Welcome to AktivDanmark

About Aktiv Danmark

Aktiv Danmark is a Danish tourism organization, whose mission is to promote its members and to help them to continuously develop their quality and products. Aktiv Danmark consists of a total of 6 different themes which operate as 6 sub-networks. The organization has 6 different quality assessment marks (the logos) connected to the sub-networks, which are: Bed+Bike, Walking Denmark, Fishing Denmark, Golf Denmark, Gastronomy Denmark, and Wellness Denmark. The purpose of these networks and the purposes of the quality assessment marks are to show you as a guest the fastest way to quality holiday experiences regarding active holiday in Denmark.

Bed and Bike

Denmark is one of the most attractive destinations for cycling holidays and short day trips. With more than 12,000 kilometers of routes with clear directions and signposting, flat terrain (though some small hills), inspirational nature and short distances between amenities, Denmark is tail...

Hiking - Walking Denmark

Denmark is a very family-friendly country and there are a wide variety of possibilities for Hiking and Nordic Walking. Walking Denmark offers the best opportunities for a good walking and hiking experience throughout the lovely nature in Denmark.

Fishing Denmark

Denmark is a real haven for everyone who wants to go fishing while on holiday. One can find small creeks, rivers and lakes almost everywhere in the country and of course you can have a great fishing experience in one of the many great places at the coast, which extends more than 7000 km. I...

Golf Denmark

Denmark is one of the countries with the lowest green fee in the entire European Union, and offers the perfect golf holiday with over 200 golf courses plus many quality accommodations opportunities in connection to the courses.

Gastronomy Denmark

The Danish cuisine has much more to offer than pork chops, smørrebrød and Danish hot dogs. Throughout the latest years, Denmark has received wide international acclaim within gastronomy, and many restaurants have won top prices. The goal of Gastronomy Denmark's members is to show you the b...

Wellness Denmark

This network consists of members who work seriously on optimizing their businesses, so you as a guest can have the best Wellness experiences. The members all surpass the minimum criteria for being approved and quality marked and the different locations are all worth a visit.