Bed+Bike certified accommodation in Denmark

Denmark is one of the most attractive destinations for cycling holidays and short day trips. With more than 12,000 kilometers of routes with clear directions and signposting, flat terrain (though some small hills), inspirational nature and short distances between amenities, Denmark is tailor-made for cyclists and cycling experiences. Riding a bicycle in Denmark is safe due to the existing Danish cycling culture that respects the cyclist to a wide extent. People often get surprised when visiting Denmark due to the many cyclists and they are stunned of the fact that bike riders are massively represented in the general picture of Denmark and especially in the traffic. 

Bed+Bike North Jutland

Bed+Bike Mid Jutland

Bed+Bike South Jutland

Bed+Bike Funen, Langeland, Ærø and islands

Bed+Bike Copenhagen and Zealand

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